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We bring together LGBTQ+ community

We are the first Polish federation which brings together organisations that work for the LGBTQ+ community. The Federation was established by eight foundations and associations that operate in Małopolska (the Lesser Poland region), Silesia and throughout Poland. The member organisations run various initiatives, from sport and health-related ones, through legal representation and assistance, to cultural and artistic events.

We have one common goal

Although we are all different, we have one common goal, which is encapsulated in our unanimously approved mission statement: we aim to build an open and diverse society, free from any sort of discrimination, in particular discrimination on the grounds of sexuality and gender. We have set our hearts on shaping and integrating a visible and socially engaged community that is aware of its worth and its rights.

LGBTQ+ Community Centre DOM EQ

We came together with the dream of setting up an LGBTQ+ community centre in Kraków. We wanted it to be a safe space which is accessible, inclusive and open both for LGBTQ+ people and for their current and future allies. We wanted it to serve the local LGBTQ+ community, to support its development and integration.

Starting from sensing the need within the community right up to putting our plans into practice, we have succeeded in creating a friendly place in Kraków. In 2018 we received our first big grant, which resulted in an even bigger event – the opening of our LGBTQ+ Community Centre DOM EQ in June 2019.

DOM EQ is situated in a detached house in Kraków, at ul. Czyżówka 43. It doesn’t just feel like a safe home – it is one. Anyone can come by and have a cup of coffee, friendly chat or some space to relax on the couch and read a book.

Since our opening we have hosted over 4000 visitors and more than 300 events, support groups, initiatives, and movie nights, etc.!

What do we do in DOM EQ?


Furthermore, we have created and distributed a newsletter which you are invited to read. It is issued on a regular basis in Polish, English, Spanish and French. You can find it in Polish and English in queer-friendly places, including our Queer Community Centre DOM EQ and online, amongst other language versions.


If you want to get involved in the process of building and helping the local LGBTQ+ community to grow, if you have ideas for activities or you just want to hang out in a safe queer space, please contact us at this address: or, or simply check our calendar and just come to meet us over a nice cup of tea or at one of our events. See you soon!

Once every few months we publish the Signs of Equality Bulletin.

In each issue you will find some interesting articles, interviews with fascinating individuals, rainbow news and announcements of the events worth marking in your calendar.

Do you want to support us?

As an NGO, we live off grants and donations from our donors. By supporting us, you let us continue our work.

Account number

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